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OSSM Assembly Videos

February 25 2024 - Stand Updates

Released two new stand variations:
1 - Full 3030 Extrusion stand (freestanding and portable)
2 - Basic Stand used to mount ossm to larger object (bed, table, shelf etc.)
- New designs will be available online in OnShape, it's free to make an account and make a copy of the design to play with!
- New middle pivot for OSSM body allows very secure adjustment built right into the main body
- New stands offer a standard complete sex machine experience... Finally!
- Kits for both stands also available in the R+D Labs shop

December 3 2023 - STL refinement and minor SW fix

Published a new set of assembly videos using the latest printed filesMade a number of fit and finish changes to the standard parts.Highlights:
- Now supports 12mm belts
- Tensioner engages belt dramatically better to prevent slipping
- Increased end effector flange size and added dildo ring for better mounting
- Fixed a bug where rapid speed changes could cause a crash
- Eliminated need for initial config Eeprom, works on any PCB revision
- Increased size of nut slots for cover mounting by 0.2mm
- Increased size of bearing screw counterbore clearance by 0.2mm
- Increased size of slot to reach pulley set screw (better support wide belts)
- Added 1.5mm clearance above idler bearings to help prevent belt rubbing on PLA
OSSM Belt Clamp
- Added 0.15mm clearance on clamp m3 nut recess
- Reduced tensioner opening height by 0.5mm (this was basically a bug, way too loose and caused belt slipping)
- Tensioner and Clamp now support 12mm wide belts
- Tensioner now prints dramatically better (tested on prusaslicer) due to small changes to overhangs
End Effector
- Rounded some corners on m24 thread to help print fitment
- Increased flange mount size (thanks to Vampix for pushing this, it was badly needed)
- Changed flange mount to have tabs to wrap rope around as well as holes
- Added dildo ring which helps secure flanged toys using some rope or paracord

Alex here with R+D Labs, I have been trying to get more involved again in Kinky Makers and the OSSM project recently, and feels like a good time to share my thoughts and answer some questions I’m sure are being asked.How OSSM, Kinky Makers, and Research and Desire came to be. Some backstory..In 2018/19 James (KM admin) was running an in-person kinky maker space where we met and started working on projects together. It was an absolute dream to find this space and the beautiful people there. When we lost our physical space we thought about moving the group online to discord, but didn’t have much experience with online communities.2020 - Like many people in early pandemic I had free time for projects, and was motivated to build a sex machine with parts I already had laying around. I made the first pass of the OSSM and thought it might be fun to share it with people online, thinking maybe we could get a few people to join our completely empty Kinky Makers Discord. Slowly a few people started building from the files I had shared and with more interest I worked through many iterations of the design taking it from lowest cost to highest performance as the main attraction. The Discord began to grow into more than just a place to talk about building the OSSM, but started hosting many user projects and discussions.During this time a few friends had asked me to build them copies of the internet connected deepthroat trainer I had made as a one-off demo at the Kinky Maker space. At the time I was really missing building products for people, and the satisfaction that comes from that. I figured - what could be cooler than selling this super niche product online to other humans across the world! So I started Research and Desire as a side project to do this under. R+D grew over 2021-2022 and sort of organically became what some people would call a “real” company, but is still just something I do on the side. I remain the only “full-time” employee, with a local person in Toronto working part time to physically build the trainers and ship them out.As the logistics overhead of running R+D increased, so did my day job workload as I started at a new robotics startup. I lost the time and energy that I’d had for actively developing and growing OSSM. The community has done such a beautiful job making their own developments, and the Kinky Makers group has grown into such a flourishing community all on it’s own that I’m thankful to have had a part in, but am sad I haven’t been as invested in recently.Looking forward
OSSM is an open source hardware project, which means that all of the information required to build, hack, modify, and improve it is freely available. The original goal was to make sex machines that were small, fun, and engaging to use as available as possible.
R+D has up to this point been only me (Alex) and that caused serious limitations on my time and ability to help organize and contribute to OSSM. Recently I started working with AJ (AJ R+D on Discord) as a partner to add some badly needed (and very technical) resources to help expand what we could do. Part of my vision for this was to again be able to contribute to and align OSSM development. I want to use the resources and tools I have built up with R+D to support the community. I want to contribute technical development time, logistics resources to manufacture and distribute parts and kits to people who can’t produce their own, and host resources and tools for the community.I do not want to take the hard work every one has done in supporting the project, close source it and commercialize it. I do see there being viable paths to having a part of our company sell kits, parts, and complete builds for the open source project to help people get involved. I also do want to build integrations that support ossm interfacing with our non-open source product the deepthroat trainer, as I hope other people and groups will!I don’t know exactly where the OSSM will end up, but I hope I will be able to return to being more involved in the project, and helping to provide some centralized resources to coordinate and support community development. We were born in Kinky Makers, and want to support the community like it has supported us.I will also shamelessly direct you to openarousal.com which was another project I wanted to start up to build a permanent home online for community projects. It’s simple and very new, but has the functionality to give your project an easily linkable static page to share with others.
Like instructables but… kinkier and more fun ;)
Much love,
R+D, Kinky Makers, Open Arousal, OSSM
OSSM is a free open source project and will continue to be that. Research and Desire (R+D) is my side project (aka business) that I use to try and fund other cool projects and make fun things. OSSM, Kinky Makers, and R+D are all various children of James (KM Admin) and I that grew up together. I want to use some of R+D’s resources to help organize and grow OSSM. We also want to sell kits and parts for people that can’t or don’t want to make/get them on their own.
We will keep supporting DIY and Open source, and will likely also continue developing some closed source products separately, but our vision is to make these products as open to hacking and integrating as possible.